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We keep ourselves in a vibrant environment that celebrates grey zones as spaces for growth, opportunity, and innovative thinking. We are always eager to learn from others and create bridges where a connection is not evident yet. We found and fund not solemnly in ideas but in people with the goal to accompany in a positive way their journey.

Daytime DOMI Rooftop Concert


The best way to describe Eventures (Events, Ventures & Culture) is to experience the professional creatives, artists, and managers we work with in action. Their deep and true love of art, music & innovation shines in every tune they play, pieces they choose and backdrops they create. It’s because of their exceptional commitment, vision, and invaluable experience that make our Eventures so unforgettable for everyone.



Everyone's journey is different, however, we all share the hopes and dreams for our lives. Most of us have faced obstacles and have experienced painful events that might have thrown us off our track questioning ourselves and our mindsets. These experiences can either free us or hold us hostage and make us miss the great opportunity to share our truth and talents with the world and our organizations

Energy Efficiency Consultation


We all need someone to mirror us and support us along our way. Consultation and coaching are really about supporting someone on how to identify and develop their own tools to create their lives. Sometimes, we are so caught up in obstacles and beliefs that aren't oftentimes even ourselves or as big as we imagine them to be. Together, we identify your goals, obstacles and create your personal toolset enabling you to live your life to the fullest.

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